Digital Securities Technology Provider Agrees to Provide Investment Deal Flow to Security Token Listing Website and Digital Securities Investment Marketplace.


Bangkok, Thailand – STO Search & Filter announced today that it has entered into a partnership with WeOwn, an international digital securities technology platform provider. This partnership on boards WeOwn as a Partnering Issuer and includes WeOwn investment deal flow to the STACKS Investment Marketplace. This partnership marks another milestone towards STO Search & Filter’s & WeOwn’s goal to increase awareness and the safe adoption of digital securities.

STACKS will be an easy to browse website for people to learn about tokenized securities offerings and invest directly with crypto and fiat currencies. The aim is to make the security token investing process as easy as online shopping by catering to the mass market with integrated investment offerings from leading regulated primary issuance providers. 

As a multi-issuer investment marketplace, STACKS has developed a program for digital securities issuers globally to submit deal flow as a Partnering Issuer. WeOwn’s investment selection process has met the STACKS due diligence criteria and qualifies to on board as a Partnering Issuer. While each individual offering has its own approval process, the STACKS team is confident of WeOwn’s investment selection criteria.

Sam Choksi, Founder of STO Search & Filter & Managing Director of STACKS, said, “I’ve admired the WeOwn team and brand for over a year now and in such a nascent industry it’s important to collaborate in partnerships to share strengths and broaden network reach. I look forward to a long-term business relationship with the WeOwn team and to bring their vetted offerings to the STACKS platform and user base.”

WeOwn CEO & Co-Founder, Sasha Ragtschaa added, WeOwn is pleased to become a part of the STO Search & Filter and STACKS platform, making our upcoming offerings available to an ever-growing group of investors. We are confident that, together with STACKS and STO Search & Filter, we can make advances in both education and adoption for the security token sector. ”

The STACKS Investment Marketplace has been gaining strength through the addition of numerous advisors and developers locally in Thailand and abroad. Recently, STACKS has participated in Thailand’s National Innovation Agency’s Open Innovation Program for Economic Growth. This intensive program offers innovative business developments including opportunity for grant funding, access to networks, and exposure to market opportunities and business growth programs.

Last year, WeOwn launched its end-to-end STO issuance and servicing platform, together with its first STO for innovative recruitment technologist, Prowd. Prowd is a next-generation recruitment platform which uses the blockchain to change the way that employers and recruiters connect with talented freelancers.  

The execution of the STACKS Investment Marketplace calls to incorporate ecosystem partners such as: primary security token issuers, venture capitalists, institutional investors, regulatory agencies, legal partners and secondary trading platforms. 

STACKS Managing Director, Sam Choksi encourages companies interested in participating in the project to browse the STACKS website at and submit a contact request to be involved for their requested role.


About WeOwn

WeOwn is an open financial marketplace providing alternative business funding, to help SMEs secure capital and accelerate company growth. 

Our vision is simple: the give SMES better access to funding in a quick, simple process, so company leaders can focus on growing their business, not securing finance. 

We’ve built an online financial market place that powers alternative business funding, including equity raises via security token offerings (STOs). Our model is straightforward and liquid, with less fuss, lower fees and fewer middlemen than traditional investment methods. 

WeOwn’s technology-driven approach cuts through the red tape to open up access to alternative business funding opportunities. Our modern approach is already attracting fast-growing SMEs and forward-thinking investors, who want to benefit from a flexible, cutting-edge platform that promotes sustainable, direct investment relationships. 

Find out more at


About STO Search & Filter

STO Search & Filter is an online resource for the security token community and investors. Launched in Bangkok, Thailand in 2018, the website now caters to a global audience offering users a gamut of information regarding to the security token industry. Users can view active, upcoming, and historical offering information on the homepage, contact STO service providers on the STO Industry Directory, debate security token topics on the STO Fireside Forums, and catch up on industry interviews within the news & resources section.


About STACKS Investment Marketplace

STACKS Investment Marketplace strives to provide safe tokenized investment opportunities to retail investors, venture capital firms, and institutional investors. The company has developed regulatory and advisor relations in both Thailand and abroad to provide full participation in operational and platform compliance. The platform will be built on top of SWARM Foundation’s open infrastructure for digital securities while including country-specific KYC on-boarding requirements. Investment opportunities provided by STACKS will only include regulated offerings within the user’s jurisdiction with strict compliance of the local advertising & marketing policies.

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