A Multi-Vendor Marketplace With Tokenised Investments for All

STACKS is a sophisticated investment marketplace built upon SWARM’s digital securities technology infrastructure allowing you to buy tokenised real-world assets & securities that meet your financial needs


You are pre-qualified for investment opportunities to start accumulating wealth for you and your family

Venture Capital Firms

Register your preferred investment criteria and we will notify you of token sales that match your selection


Join us in bringing your clients regulated investment projects from the world's leading financial hubs

E-Commerce UI

We integrate blockchain & smart contract technologies to facilitate fast and safe transactions from leading global issuers

Regulatory Focused

We adhere to meeting detailed platform and operating requirements for regulatory compliance

Investor Rights

We firmly believe in investor's rights and protection by providing access to education and reliable support

Buy Real-World Tokenised Assets & Securities

Enjoy an easy to use platform similar to online shopping which allows you to browse & buy tokenised ownership. Investors can expect to participate in ownership across the following sectors: commercial real estate, business ventures, sports,  e-sports, entertainment, art & more. 

All investment opportunities are regulated within their own jurisdictions. You will be granted access to investments based upon your enrollment type & jurisdictional classification after completing your identity verification process.

If you are a first time investor we support your interests with educational content to ensure you are comfortable making your first investment into digital assets or securities.

Management & Partnerships

Stacks Senior Management & Technology Provider

Sam Choksi

Managing Director

Financial technology entrepreneur with over 15+ years in developing web-based systems for companies.


Swarm Fund

Technology Partner

An open infrastructure for digital securities co-founded by Philipp Pieper & Timo Lehes.

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The vision of STACKS is to create an easy to use thriving marketplace with regulated investment opportunities for individuals & companies from around the globe by creating our own offerings and integrating offers from numerous leading and reliable issuance partners.

“We make investing on the STACKS platform as easy as online shopping is today.” – STACKS Managing Director, Sam Choksi


The mission of STACKS is to bridge people looking to make investments with regulated financial investment opportunities.

The STACKS Marketplace platform will act as a safe and regulated portal for fundraising activities and token issuance.

We will be launching investment opportunities to retail, accredited, and institutional investors globally.

STACKS will offer investors a wide-array of investment opportunities from different industries and geographies.

Investors can expect to participate in ownership across the following sectors: commercial real estate, business ventures, sports,  e-sports, entertainment, art & more. 

As the industry develops we will pioneer new models of tokenisation to bring to investors on the STACKS marketplace.

Those interested in raising funds through a digital security offering should reach out to us by email at

We are able to assist with primary issuance and capital raise in multiple jurisdictions.

STACKS provides three primary services: 

  1. Capital raise for companies through digital security offerings
  2. Investment participation for individuals, VC firms & Institutions
  3. Upgrade of existing ownership ledgers to blockchain infrastructure

We welcome investors to join in on our mission.

Those interested in joining the upcoming STACKS investment round please send us an e-mail to to receive briefing information.

The STACKS Investment Marketplace is developed using blockchain-based tools from SWARM’s open-source technology for digital securities. 

In future releases we plan to incorporate A.I. mechanics for automatic investing into pre-qualified offering criteria for individuals, VCs & institutions.

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